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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Celebrating Earth Day.....MY Way.

Earth Day

Wow.  I'm really out of the loop.  I was just informed that today April 22 is earth day.

We were busy the last couple of days celebrating Hot Rods with massive fire breathing carbon belching  engines Demon 4 barrel carbs. (not the kind that Al Gore is concerned about either!)  GMC 6-71 blowers  and the mother of all engines the blown and injected 426 Hemi.   Drinking and checking out the Rat Rods, Resto Rods and refurbished classics.   The coolest one we saw was a 47 Buick slant back, lowered air suspension, all leather handcrafted interior, kick ass stereo system....weighing in at 4200 pounds of steel, chrome and glossy green paint and probably getting 10 mpg.     Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera this year, so here are some shots from previous years.

As you can see, we are all torn about almost missing Earth Day.

Now that we are back home, I guess we'd better on that Earth Day stuff.  So today we will

1. Turn the pump back on in the well to start irrigating the garden, orchard and lawn.
2. Hose off the decks and clean with a mild TSP solution to get rid of the dirt and moss that keeps trying to grow in the shadiest area.
3. Pile up the rest of the orchard and tree trimmings and burn the pile before the ban on burning is in effect.
4. Spray around and under the decks for yellow jackets and paper wasps.  They are definitely looking to establish homes there and it ain't gonna happen on my watch.  DIE!!!
5.  Prepare a BBQ for this fabulous sunny afternoon and bake a cherry pie with the frozen cherries from last season.   There is going to be a ton of cherries and plums again to judge by the blossoms and busy bees. So we had better get busy emptying out the freezer and get ready.

We will have country pork ribs seared over carbon emitting charcoal briquettes, potato salad, green salad, fruit salad and French bread.  Maybe some daiquiris or margaritas while we are waiting for the meat to cook.

Probably not the approved sanctioned 'green' activities for Earth Day, but celebrate the way you want and we will celebrate in our own way.