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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What's For Dinner Thanksgiving

Whew!! Cooking for Thanksgiving. Good thing it's something I like to do othewise we might have tacos instead :-)


Brined Turkey (normally would be smoked but we are just baking it this time)

Pear compote (we are still trying to use the last of those wonderful but numerous Asian Apple Pears. I'll be so glad when they are finally gone)

Stuffing Casserole (sour dough, with dried apricots, pecans, celery, onions, butter, spices and chicken broth)

Green Bean Casserole (a request by my hubby, the old traditional Grandma type recipe from a can)

Juliened Carrots in orange sauce

Turkey Gravy (not as good as my future son in law's gravy, but it will be adequate)

Home made No Knead Yeast rolls (a super easy roll recipe that I've made for the last 30 years at least) slathered in butter, of course.

Dessert: Gingered Pear Pie with Ice Cream

I decided since it wasn't going to be a lot of people that we wouldn't have....... a green salad, mashed potatoes or cranberry sauce. I think we'll have enough food.....for a small army, even though my husband is whimpering about not having mashed potatoes. When he decides to cook, he can make all the potatoes he wants.

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