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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Man Behind the Curtain

What is going to happen when the bloom is off the rose, the halo slips and the man behind the curtain is finally revealed? I'm afraid it isn't going to be pretty.

Obama has promised the world and the kitchen sink to his supporters. He is going to make the oceans recede, lower taxes for everyone (except those nasty rich people), new stimulus packages to jump start our staggering economy, redistribute wealth from those who work to those who don't, hire armies of teachers, create a new corps of civilian community organizers, credits for college, create renewable energy, stop the Iraq war, create peace in our time, reverse global warming. It goes on and on and the price tag is in the trillions.

Others of his supporters have been led to believe that the world will change, butterflies will flutter, and that with Obama ascendant they won't have to pay for their own gasoline or mortgages. Yeah, and monkeys are going to fly out of my butt.

The sad truth is that Obama made empty promises to starry eyed believers. Promises he knows, or will soon know once in office, that he cannot keep. Promises he never intended to keep. In the process, Obama's policies, that he is able to enact, will depress our economy and that of the entire world even more. We will be further attacked by terrorists and bogged down in Afghanistan.

Once the disappointment sets and and he is revealed as the empty shell that he is, as the political tool of a political machine, will the people who bought this line of bullshit wake up and blame themselves for irrationally putting all their hopes and dreams in a flawed man. Not likely. The scary reality is that they will look for a scapegoat upon which to lay the blame for their own failures and upon whom to take vengeance.

This is already happening in the gay community in California who are targeting the Mormons for the passage of Prop 8. Not the black community or the Hispanic community that overwhelmingly voted for Prop 8, but the Mormons because it is politically correct to show prejudice against Mormons. We've seen it over the last 8 years in the pillorying of George Bush, who it seems is to blame for everything that has occurred and who will be the cause of everything that will occur in the future.

No. The blame will not be assumed by those who created the disaster by falling for the empty promises and being distracted by the shiny penny. In depression era Germany, we know who the scapegoats were, the Jews. Who our chosen victims will be and what form the retaliation takes remains to be seen. The always poplar choice of the Jews again? Pandering to the Muslim terrorists might make this a reality. The wealthy capitalist pigs who evilly have created jobs and industry? Mormons? Republicans?

Who knows for now. But it is going to get ugly.

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  1. Very perceptive post. The pent-up hate of BDS will not be quenched merely by the election of Obama. Emotion held that long will continue to fester and seek new targets.

    Ronald Reagan said the following following Barry Goldwater's defeat:

    "we represent the forgotten American — that simple soul who goes to work, bucks for a raise, takes out insurance, pays for his kids' schooling, contributes to his church and charity and knows there just 'ain't no such thing as a free lunch."

    Regular, non-political Americans can still be reached with the message if they feel the messenger is sincere about it.