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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Every Day is Saturday

I've just figured out what is so great about being retired.

Every day feels like it is Saturday.

Work is behind me because it isn't feels like a perpetual Saturday.

No stress about having to rush get things done on one of only two days off like before. It used to be that because tomorrow will be Sunday: and we all know that Sunday is the day before Monday and THEN ......back to work......the weekends were full of work. Different work than the weekdays at the office, but still work.

NOW.....every day is Saturday with a long endless string of Sundays to follow.

An afternoon nap is perfectly fine: in fact almost mandatory. Lazing and finishing that book that I never had time to finish before. A little afternoon 'delight' whenever possible. Perhaps bake a cake or try out a new recipe. Maybe start that quilt project which I have been putting off for years..... Ho hum. When the spring and summer comes, an afternoon glass of wine on the deck curled up in the dappled sunlight with a good book on the chaise listening to my collection of jazz recordings on the wireless speakers.

People ask if I'm bored. Are they nuts?

Every day is Saturday!

1 comment:

  1. I find that I am busier retired but that most of what I do is refreshing.