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Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Demented Robin of Spring

Aaah.... Spring. After a long cold winter, and this one has been particularly long, wet, snowy and cold, who doesn't look forward to those first harbringers of Spring?

The daffodills and crocus bravely poking their heads above the melting snow. Those rare days of warm breezes and dappled sunshine that tease us with the promise of more to come. The feeling of renewal as we watch the trees bud out and bring the hope of a crop of apples, prunes, quinces, cherries.

And who can forget The Demented Robin of Spring.
(cue scary Chuckie movie music)

For the past few years The Demented Robin has plagued us. He sits on the tree that is just a few feet from my office window. Peers into the house, looking for the cat, and flings himself over and over and over at the window. He goes from window to window around the house in his never ending search to seek and destroy the cat.

Hmmm.....He seems to be holding quite a grudge against the cat. Perhaps this has something to do with her goal of eating his babies?

Later in the Spring and Summer, while we are lazing on the deck on a sunny afternoon, cocktails in hand, The Demented Robin will search for the cat while threateningly brandishing a wad of worms or bugs in his beak, all puffed up and chirping at her.

Hopping after her while she is trying to nap (between searching for her latest outdoor snack). We imagine him saying: "LOOK AT ME!!!.. I have worms. And you don't. Big juicy worms. Bwhahahahah!!"

Meanwhile: The cat heaves a big sigh and goes to her favorite hidey hole under the deck.

We are easily amused.


  1. OT but this cartoon reminded me of you. Don't you live somewhere near Big Bear? link :)

  2. Nope. North Eastern California.
    State of Jefferson.

    Big Bear is beautiful, but on the opposite end of the State.

    Veeery funny cartoon. Such good memories of childhood and Saturday mornings with a bowl of cereal and chocolate milk. I know...bad for you. But good for the soul.

  3. If that is a photo of your demented Robin then he is a she.

    I have had several male Cardinals that behaved in similar fashion but they were usually attempting to attack their own reflection.

    Have Blue

  4. Nope. North Eastern California

    I've never been up there. I've been up the state through the middle all the way to the top and then over to the coast and back down again. I also lived 2 years in Sunnyvale and did lots of exploring the Bay Area before moving down here.