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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Predictions for the next 4 years

1. Obama will be elected President through fraud and the media will refuse to do any investigative journalism. Mainly because they are implicit in facilitating the fraud and want to have Obama elected no matter what.

2. The "fairness doctrine" will be rammed through Congress and talk radio will be diminished if not completely taken down. The only "news" and opinions we will be allowed to hear are those that are filtered through the media.

3. The internet will be next. Websites that are right leaning will be forced off of the web or mandated to express views that don't contradict the 'regime' of Obama

4. This suppression of the First Amendment will extend to individuals and our personal webpages, facebook sites and possibly even our emails will be scrutinized

5. Anyone who deviates from the 'right thinking' will be accused of racism, sued to be taken off of the television or movie screens. Only the proper expressions will be tolerated and all others will be shouted down and silenced.

6. Taxes will be levied against the so called rich to the ends of redistributing wealth. In that case, the truly wealthy will be able to save themselves by moving out of the country or moving their assets out of the country. The small business owner and entrepreneurs will be driven out of business, will lay off workers or will just go underground. The middle working class and small business owners will cease to exist. Power and wealth will be concentrated in the hands of government functionaries and there will be an even wider gap between the rich/governmental mandarin types and the rest of the population.

7. The economy will go underground. It is already happening as I type. People will be trading for services and goods. Cash economy will rule instead of a paper trail. Tax revenues will go down, and the 'regime' will demand that more taxes, fees and excises be imposed. Downward spiral.

8. The 'regime' now having controlled the sources of information will concentrate on the children. By taking children away from families at an ever younger age, they will be more able to indoctrinate the children. Teaching the children to spy and report on their parents when the adults deviate from the pre-approved programing.

9. There will be a very bad terrorist attack that will polarize people even more, with the 'regime' seeing this attack as a Godsend to allow them to maintain more power. Perhaps even repealing the 2 term Presidential rule and attempting to sieze permant status. Elections as we know them will be a thing of the past.

Within 25 years the United States will cease to exist as a free country. We will either be a socialist nation like Russia or the country will splinter into geographically drawn political fragments. Urban vs Rural. The US will no longer exist as a country at all.


  1. I'm completely and totally depressed. *sigh* It's Monday too. Double whammy.

  2. Don't you have any idea how crazy you sound when you talk like this? You're completely out of your mind.