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Thursday, October 02, 2008

New Game Show: Congressional Sweep

Anyone remember the gameshow Supermarket Sweep? This is what Congress is reminding me of lately and especially with this latest rush to shove a lard laden bill through which supposedly is going to rescue us from ourselves.

In the game show, contestants would frantically race through the store throwing the most expensive items in the cart they could at the fastest pace they could, and the one with the most at the end would win.

Toss in the caviar, hams, cheese, canned luxury goods......whatever cost the most. Didn't matter if the combination of food and goods in the basket made any sense or were of any actual use. Just throw it in there.

Congress is doing the exact same thing, with our money. Rushing around and throwing in the pork and the caviar. Never mind that we can't use this crap. Don't need this crap. Don't want his crap. Whoever has the biggest most expensive basket WINS!!!..

Well... except for us of course, since we don't get to actually eat any of the groceries, but have to pay for them.

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