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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Dust Bunnies

It occurs to me that the thoughts we have rumbling and rolling around in our heads resemble the dust bunnies that grow under our beds. Dust bunnies start from a small bit of fluff or dust and somewhat like a pearl in an oyster gather unto themselves more and more substance around the initial irritation until they become noticeable. We eventually clear out the dust bunnies and start a new batch. Similarly the thoughts that I have seem to gather enough dust from various sources until I can someday form them into some sort of a whole. Here is where I plan to cough up the dust bunnies in my mind.

The core of my dust bunnies can be something serious like world peace or as frivolous as to how the cat knows what time it is and why is it that the item I want to get from the utility drawer is always in the back. My husband has his own dust bunnies or in his case nits to pick with the world and shares his thoughts with the rest of the world on his own blog

Lucky me..... I get to be the web master on both blogs since, as the name of my husbands blog indicates he is a plumber and not a computer programer. Since I am the computer techno geek in the household I get to set up the home entertainment center, download the digital camera, program the TIVO, set up the wireless network in the house and anything else to do with tthe computers. I really don't mind. It gives me a sort of powerful feeling and a satisfaction in knowing that I have these skills. that my husband doesn't have. Although I have a sneaking suspicion that he "could" do these things if he really wanted to, but it is easier to let me. That's ok too. I probably could learn how to do the maintenance chores around the house that my husband does now, but I don't want to to those things either.

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