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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Flip Side of the Power of Prayer

Sometimes I think that the world is coming to a final judgement day when I read some of the articles on the net.

The other day there was an extremely disturbing story on the internet.  Among the many disturbing articles out there, this one really got to me because in my mind pets like dogs, cats are innocent beings that should be protected and cherished and animals should never be abused or treated cruelly.  Yes....yes.  We eat animals and death is part of that process.  But, there is no excuse for abuse in that process.  People who abuse animals are the lowest form of life and deserve no sympathy.

A Brazilian woman who is a nurse beat a small puppy to death, in front of her child.    I couldn't bear to look at some of the still photos, much less dare to link to the video that was taken by an outraged neighbor.  Too horrible and too inhuman to contemplate.  The video was posted on the internet by the outraged neighbor when the police would do nothing.  The ire and and well deserved venom that is being heaped upon the woman who beat the dog is incredible. 

Millions of people around the world literally hate this woman.

This got me to thinking about the Power of  Prayer and positive thinking.   The power of positive thinking in healing yourself and praying for the healing of another. There are many inspirational stories about prayer and groups of people praying that seem to have resulted in miraculous cures. 

As a somewhat agnostic person, my personal take on prayer and positive thinking is....what can it hurt?  Why not be positive?  Why not if you believe in a higher power combine your thoughts with others to create a bigger channel to the higher power?   A larger and clearer signal uploaded to the higher power or to God. 

If you don't believe in God, and want to go more scientific, there have been studies to try to quantify the results of a group prayer.  Inconclusive so far.  Maybe it could be that the energy from our brains, telepathy, psychokinesis.....who knows.

In regards to the Power of Prayer and Positive Thinking, what if there is a flip side.  The power of group hate.   Millions of people thinking negative thoughts about YOU.  Millions of people literally wishing you dead or wishing terrible things upon you.  

Millions of waves of "negative vibes" wafting her way.  Millions of minds engaged in group hate

I wonder if this woman from Brazil can feel the hate.

I hope so.

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