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Thursday, February 10, 2011

California Dreaming

While the rest of the country is snowed in and paving the way for the latest Ice Age, in California, we have been having phenomenal weather.

Looking at the weather forcast I decided it was a good time to visit with family in Pacific Grove.Warmer than usual, clear skies, balmy breezes. If you have never been to Pacific Grove, Carmel, Big Sur.....don't miss it. One of the most beautiful places in the world.

We stood on the beach and watched the waves eroding the coastline. The winds felt like being in Hawaii.

Marveled at a bridge that was built in 1932.

With all of the EPA rules, prevailing wage requirements, engineering studies needed, governmental hoops to jump through, red tape we could never accomplish this today. This project put people to work in the Depression and created a bridge of lasting beauty and usefulness. Unfortunately, the ability to create and build has been smothered.

We laughed at a cheeky bird standing on one leg.

Admired the strength and beauty of the trees that withstand the punishing waves at high tide and the salty winds that bend and twist.


  1. The bridge reminds me of one of those described by Steinbeck in Cannery Row, when Doc drives down to La Jolla.

  2. It probably is that bridge. On Hwy 1 on the way south to Big Sur. There are several like it, but this one is the biggest and most photogenic.

  3. Was it a WPA or CCC bridge? They did beautiful work here in WI.