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Friday, January 07, 2011

Compare and Contrast

This has nothing to do with policy. It is all about class and being appropriate for the situation.

Have you ever had a job interview for a very important job? If you have, you know that appearance and first impressions are going to make or break you. You wouldn't show up in jeans and a sweatshirt. You would make sure that you are 'dressed for success' and dressed to the level of the job.

Once you have the job, say as a stockbroker, which is what I used to do before retirement, you continue to dress to impress, not only your boss but also your clients. How you look is a reflection of your job competence, your pride in the important job that you have worked hard to obtain. It gives your clients confidence that you are going to be paying attention to them, to their needs. It assures your boss and co-workers that you have the 'right stuff' and will bring pride and not shame to the firm that they also work for.

Isn't the President of the United States (and by default the First Lady) one of the most important jobs that we, as the voters, hire a person to fill. The President and First Lady represent the Country and represent us as a people. We want our President and all associated with him to bring pride and respect to the Office and to the Country.

COMPARE AND CONTRAST: which of these look Presidential and bring pride in your Country and who ARE you are proud to have representing you?



The couple in the tailored clothing that is appropriate for the weather. The couple who have taken pride in their appearance, care in what they have chosen to wear and who look happy to be returning to work.

OR...The couple in the sloppy wierdly fitting sweatpants and who can't take the time to check and see if the buttons on his clothing are actually buttoned correctly. The couple who look pissed off and miserable to be returning to work. This couple looks like they got dressed in the dark.

These are both returning from a winter vacation to their very important jobs that YOU have hired them to do.

Which one gives you PRIDE to be an American. Which ones do you want to represent YOU as an American.

If you said are either lying or are you are blind.


One More!!

Here is our classless and clueless President and First Lady. Check out the respect and admiration that they are getting from the crowd who are honored to have their picture taken with the Leader of the Free World.
Is it any wonder that other World Leaders look upon this administration and are laughing up their sleeves at us. Would you take these people seriously for any reason?
Also, in the dictionary under "Thunder Thighs" we have Michelle in these horrific pants. Do they ever look at themselves in the mirror? EVER?
The Obamas and the Gansta Wannabes

Weep for our Country.


  1. Hey Michele just needs to come to Lee Lee's Valise so the wife can teach her how to dress. Just sayn'

  2. I saw a series of terrible photos of Michelle Obama's wardrobe...I will try to find it and post it know, it isn't weight or anything, it's the fact she cannot seem to choose clothes the flatter her body!
    Her huge belts are ridiculous....her color choices and unmatching outfits...ugh....she desperately needs a stylist.