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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Buzzard Update

Well, the buzzards have taken off for other trees. We succeeded in discouraging them by sitting on the deck, drinking scotch, talking and listening to loud old rock and roll music. They evidently don't like Led Zepplin or Chicago. Also a few wacks from a pellet gun sort of helped them to get the hint.

I'm feeling better now that I have learned that the plague of frogs wasn't just in my office. On the other hand.....maybe I should be worried about the entire town?


  1. Jeeeez. I thought this was a update about hdhouse.

    Don't scare me with titles like that.

  2. Jeeeez, I thought it was about hdhouse and Trooper York.

    The title made me think they were road trippin' to your place from New Yawk.