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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Think I Love This Man

Shhhh. Don't tell my husband.

Seriously. We need Christie to run for President in 2012. He is exactly what the country needs. Conservative, articulate, common sense, take charge, unafraid.

I'm in awe of his extemporaneous speaking abilities. Notice, no teleprompter, unlike Obama who seems to be a robot reading from speeches prepared by someone else.

Christy puts together a coherent speech that has a beginning, crescendos to a high point and a powerful conclusion. He doesn't use a string of talking points put together like a string of beads. Sometimes I get the feeling that the politicians, Dems and Repubs, have a bowl with little balls in it, like you see at a bingo game, with talking points on each one. Pulling the balls out in random order and string them together to robotically spew the speech dujour.

When Christie speaks you get the feeling that these are things he knows, feels strongly about and understands. He tells a story and, as in this clip, has the audience hanging on his every word.

Hopefully, the American people are tired of pre-packaged political clone candidates that are groomed and controlled by slick handlers. The Hillbuzz guys call them whitebread mayonnaise and cucumber sandwich candidates.

Hopefully we will look beyond Christy's portly frame, his cow licked hair, his New Jersey accent, lack of expertly tailored clothing and see the character of a REAL leader who can pull us from the abyss.

So......shhhhhh. Don't tell my husband that I am in love with this man.....Oh. wait.....I just discovered that my husband is also in love too. Well, maybe not real love, but also wants him to run for President.


  1. I love this man and my husband knows it. And is proud of it.

  2. I haven't checked in here for quite awhile, you didn't seem to be keeping up as well as your hubby. Love to read you again, and, although I can't say I'm in love with Christy, I sure do approve of him.

  3. Isn't it wonderful that a guy like Christie can burst upon the scene without pretense, corruption or the usual political bullshit? We need more like that one.

    I'm lucky to be in Rep Paul Ryan's congressional district. No one knows the truth about the federal budget than does Ryan.