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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Obama Wants Moms To Go To School

Every morning my home page comes up with various panes that contain news, weather and of course.....advertising. For the last several months it is all about Obama.
Obama wants us to get new house loans. Obama want us to go back to school.

So this morning I see THIS.

WOAH!!! They must have some butt ugly Moms in Alabama.

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  1. I saw that too. My first thought after I read it was, "Why that picture?" but I figured it out and the answer was in the question. I read the ad to find out why they would use that picture to try to sell something. It works because I consider myself almost immune to advertising gimmicks. I would usually never have read the ad. Not being a mom, I didn't click on the link but I bet it works better than a picture of a "mom".