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Sunday, November 25, 2007

I Forget How Beautiful

I forget how beautiful San Francisco can be.

Yes, the buildings are the same ticky tacky houses, little boxes all in a row that I remember. We were awash in a sea of beige, tan, cream and brown buildings. With the exception of a few mavericks in the Haight all homes seemed to be from the same palette.

But, the parks, the ocean and sky with its ranges of blues and whites spanned by, what I think is the most beautiful bridge in the world...The Golden Gate.

Whenever the City gets too claustrophobic, there is always Golden Gate Park or the endless vistas of the Pacific Ocean to stare at and get grounded again. I would never be able to live there again. Visit yes..... live there no. I'm now accustomed to the peace and quiet of the countryside. The loudest thing at night is the hoo hoo hooing of Great Horned Owls and the howls of distant Coyotes, instead of the steady stream of traffic and sirens.

We saw the beauty of the City and some of the ugliness too. Homeless and obviously mentally ill people. We also saw the generosity of the City with the Thanksgiving food events for those less fortunate.

The City is a young person's playground and I enjoyed my times there. Now it is my daughter's turn.


  1. Say I caught your action on another blog.

    Do you want to kneel and try out for this financial advisor position I've got opening up.

    You seem like just the right candidate based on your qualifications. Nice thick knees, should serve you well!

  2. Is your daughter looking for a job, too?

    A mother daughter team. Now that would sell!