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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

666 The Apocalypse Has Arrived

Here it is. The fabled and fated day of judgement. The mark of the beast is upon us. We had our first sign of impending doom. This morning the newspaper didn't arrive!!! The beginning of the end!! The horror! Oh...Ok ....the inconvenience. Our little cozy routine was all discombobulated. The Dumbplumber (AKA my husband) said, now he knows how the cat feels when we move things in the house or have company to intrude on her well set routine. Ah, well. This too shall pass. At least I have the Internet to get my morning news fix.

But, just in case this is the real thing, I think I'll check the Armageddon Pantry this afternoon. I'm sure we must need some more dried fruit or wine or something.

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