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Saturday, February 11, 2006

It is the little things

It is the little things that make life enjoyable. My husband and I have a routine in the mornings. We wake up with our natural bio-clock, not the annoying alarm clock, at 6am. We try not to disturb the cat on the bed with us as she has her own routine and likes to sleep in. I grind the coffee beans and my husband trundles out to get the local paper. We turn on the television news and listen with half an ear while settling in with our first of three cups of coffee. We read the paper, swapping sections back and forth until we have read everything of interest, especially the comics. If there is time my husband will break out the laptop computer and I will migrate to the office which is just a few feet away and peruse the internet. Having learned all there is to know about the local, national and business news and finished the pot of coffee. It is time for a quick breakfast, shower and off to our separate work lives. On the weekend we may have a more substantial breakfast and linger longer over the weekend paper. Some people may consider this routine boring, I consider it comforting.

Well, our world as we know it is about to come to a screeching halt. Oh the horror!! the drama!! the pain!!.....oh ok I'll come back to reality.....the inconvenience. Our paper delivery lady of the last 6 years is retiring and we will be getting a new delivery person. Delivering the paper is a thankless job. She has to get up in the middle of the night 2:30, drive 30 miles to get the papers that have been delivered from the "big" city 75 miles away. Fold, wrap and bundle hundreds of pounds of newspapers, and then drive many miles in our rural area to make sure we have our dose of the daily news. Rain, snow or icy roads, our paper lady always had our paper to us so our snug little routine was assured. We had a special arrangement with her to drop our paper near our house instead of at the end of our long long driveway out by the road. Our paper lady took pride in her job, was always on time, and we were suitably $$ grateful when it came time to pay our bill and when Christmas came around.

With her retirement, we are getting a new delivery person. Will he/she make the special trip down our driveway? Will we get our paper on time? Will our routine be disturbed? Will we have to wake the cat up earlier?

Stand by for breaking news.


  1. I completely understand the love of routine. I also have an internal alarm clock that goes off at 6am - haven't used an alarm clock in 20 years.

  2. I would truly love to send you an invitation to Newsvine. (An AP blog that contains hard news, commentary and links all over the place.) but I am not sure how to send the invite without your email address. If you think you and dumb plumber might like to participate send your email address to You can looke it over by just URL ing Newsvine (I think, it is in beta test now and is technically invitation only.) If you aren't interested, delete this and forget it.

  3. Hey, you're missed. Lets get to posting Okay?